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Kristin H

I enjoyed every minute of The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course. The content, delivered in separate tutorials, went into depth on each topic and contained practical information with little tricks of the trade to help the budding stylist.

I particularly liked the colour analysis section. I found this fun to apply and it became my ‘go to’ approach when pulling stock for clients and helping them assemble their seasonal wardrobe. It’s incredible to witness the power the right colour can have on a person!

The assignments challenged my new skills without being too overwhelming or difficult. I was really pleased to find I picked up the new techniques quickly and was able to incorporate them into my existing knowledge base. In a way, the content of the course helped me make sense of the styling world; suddenly you can really see how much work has gone into a simple plate of food or a folded stack of clothing in a shop.

I found my feedback direct and relevant to my work without unnecessary detail. At the same time, it was supportive and really encouraging. I felt like my work was important. I would receive the response within a few days of submitting my assignment, and my questions were answered thoughtfully by the helpful admin staff.

Before I had even finished the course, I began work as a personal stylist, which led to pioneering a successful personal shopping service in Canberra. I found my clientele really appreciated the knowledge I’d gained from the course and I now help people find clothing they feel truly reflects who they are.

I’ve also given a seminar on appropriate dress for various events – such as black tie, white tie, casual, and corporate for a federal government agency. This seminar included both men and women and was a lot of fun. With a female and male model, I showcased two examples of each event and made sure to encourage the audience to ask questions and get comfortable with no longer wearing uniforms.

Early on in the course, I responded to a call by my tutor for assistants for a fashion show and we’ve been working together ever since. As senior stylist and backstage manager to these Westfield gigs, I work with a range of assistants we source from the College. In preparation for the show, we pull stock, create outfits and sets. When it’s show time, I dress backstage and oversee the models as they leave for the runway.

During the whole process, I mentor the assistants from the College, and ease them into the world of catwalk shows. This is incredibly fun, fast-paced work and also, a really bonding experience. We rely on the assistants and look forward to meeting new students from the course.

I can confidently say that I use the skills from The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course almost every day. I would highly recommend the course to any stylist, budding or professional. I have loved the experiences I’ve had as a result!

Kristin Haseldine

Kristin H
Before I had even finished the course, I began work as a personal stylist, which led to pioneering a successful personal shopping service in Canberra.

Kristin H

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