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Our professional stylist course is a well rounded, practical and up-to-date course, which offers the skills and knowledge to find success as a stylist. Listed below is just a snapshot of the information presented over twelve, easy to understand tutorials for you to read at your own pace.

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    This introduction sets a solid foundation to the exciting and dynamic world of styling. You will be introduced to what it means to style in different environments and for different clients, and be introduced the wide range of opportunities for stylists. You will be presented with the evolution of fashion to help you understand where it’s progressing, as well as a handy glossary of terms to prepare you for the rest of this Course. Tutorial one concludes with assignment one.
    Building on tutorial one, this tutorial explores essential knowledge of fashion, to help you understand modern trends. This tutorial explores the relationships between visual balance, colour and fashion, as well as assessing styles and trends. This tutorial also offers a glossary of clothing descriptions, and concludes with assignment two.
    Tutorial three explores the world of a stylist, from employment, tricks of the trade, to knowing what to expect on a shoot. This tutorial covers the practical elements of working as a stylist, such as understanding and setting fees, as well as working with celebrities and high-end clientele. This tutorial concludes with assignment three.
    The world of film, television and theatre for stylists is a dynamic and challenging environment, which is explored in tutorial four. This tutorial is the behind the scenes look at what is required of stylists within these environments, and the importance of good styling as part of creating characters and narrative. It also explores on-set etiquette and the practicalities of your work for this sort of styling work. This tutorial concludes with assignment four.
    Your work as a stylist challenges you to make yourself available and willing to handle new and important areas of production. These areas and roles are explored in tutorial five, which covers fields such as prop styling, food styling, visual merchandising and retail displays. The tutorial also explores the roles of light and colour within these fields, as well as how to create atmospheres of aesthetic pleasure and intrigue.
    This tutorial builds on previous knowledge to explore fashion’s most influential designers. It then goes on to more practical elements of a stylist’s work, such as your kit, troubleshooting, working with children and animals, as well as creating your portfolio to land your next job.
    Tutorial seven explores the power of colour. By an in-depth exploration of colour, you will understand colour theory and psychology, how to assess your client’s natural colouring, how to develop colour palettes, the visual effects of colour and how to work with black and white. This tutorial also explores fabrics, how to work with different fabrics and care techniques. This tutorial concludes with assignment five.
    Personal styling is a challenging and dynamic role which you as a stylist can explore. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of what it means to be a “personal stylist” or “image consultant”. This tutorial also offers practical advice on how to deal with clients, understanding their needs and their body, individual features, developing a core wardrobe, working with accessories and looking rich on a budget. This tutorial concludes with assignment six.
    Dressing males offers unique challenges which you as a stylist need to prepare for. This tutorial will equip you with knowledge such as body analysis, dressing for work and leisure, making impact, different cuts of male clothing, as well as practical tips and advice for helping male clients with style, colour and maintenance. This tutorial also covers grooming, skin and hair care, make-up and quick fix solutions.
    All this knowledge will be rendered almost useless without the ability to effectively express your style ideas. This tutorial covers creating mood and concept boards and adapting traditional designer’s tools for visual communication, to effectively express and communicate to your clients. You will be guided on using and building on experience to build confidence and your portfolio, as well as how to record and format necessary details accurately.
    The internet is a vital tool for the freelance stylist. This tutorial shows how to promote yourself and your business online, through websites and blogging. It offers tips on optimising your blog with search engines, as well as marketing essentials. This tutorial encourages you to think about your career path, as well as offering a final glossary for professional stylist. This tutorial concludes with assignment seven.
    To make sure you excel as a stylist, tutorial twelve is a practical guide on building your styling business. It explores marketing, retaining and creating clients, getting booked, managing your portfolio, business aspects such as invoicing, pricing and keeping records. To conclude, this tutorial offers a course summary, and assignment eight.
*Course contents may vary from time to time at the discretion of the Australian College of Professional Styling.

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Stated simply, The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Stylist’s Course will provide you with everything you need to become a professional stylist equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle most assignments you will be offered.

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  • 12 exclusive tutorials teaching you all you need to know about professional styling.
  • Details of the eight College assignments to be completed.
  • Contributions from some of Australia’s leading stylists, designers, fashion editors and fashion leaders.
  • Efficient email communication with the Australian College of Professional Styling, we’re also available by phone during business hours.
  • Individual correction and advice from your tutor in respect to your ideas by way of their in-depth feedback on your assignment work.


  • Tips from fashion makers and leaders.
  • Five-minute interviews with many of the world’s leading stylists.
  • Templates for establishing your own freelance business.


  • General advice on seeking full-time employment.
  • Tutorials on food styling and other lesser-known work opportunities within the industry.
  • Photographic identification pass to facilitate your work as a professional stylist.

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