Annelyse L

Annelyse L

I get the privilege of giving these women the keys to looking and feeling good all the time and it makes them much more confident and happy. I love being a part of that.

The Australian College of Professional Styling took my passion for styling and made it a reality.  People would often compliment me on the outfits I put together & would ask for advice which lead me to choose styling as a career.  I have always been a fashion enthusiast who loved giving friends and family advice on what to wear.  Now I get paid to do it!

I completed the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course and absolutely loved it. I chose to focus on personal styling and this course has given me the keys I need to succeed. I have learned everything on colours, body shapes, trends, dealing with clients, cleaning out people’s wardrobe and much more.

The College also provided me with my own tutor who I could go to for advice at any time. I found my tutor’s feedback to be extremely thorough and encouraging which really helped me thrive in my studies. She had great tips on every assignment I submitted and I could tell she really cared and wanted me to do well. I really enjoyed the assignments and found they translated so well to real life as a personal stylist.

In the same month that I completed the course I started my own business as a personal stylist in Byron Bay & the Gold Coast. Even though my business is very new, I have had a lot of success already.  I simply started by dropping a 50% off voucher in to the letter boxes in my area which got the ball rolling…. and it’s still rolling!  In my first few weeks of operation, I’ve worked with four clients.  I am excited to see my business continue to grow and flourish and I am amazed at how quickly things have taken off!

When I tell people I am a personal stylist the most common response is, “Oh so you get to take people shopping?” Yes I do, but I have learnt through The Australian College of Professional Styling that it is about so much more than that.

I start by meeting with my client and discussing such things as goals, budget and expectations as well as finding out my client’s needs, lifestyle and how & why they want to change their look.  I then conduct a body shape and colour analysis to find out what will best suit my client. After that, we sort through her wardrobe, removing the items that don’t flatter her shape.  Most importantly, I use this time to educate my client so she can dress herself in the future.

Then the shopping begins. Here, we look to fill the gaps in her wardrobe or buy a whole new, one depending on the budget. I prepare a colour palette, a list of styles and shapes to aim for and a systematic budget on each item we need. Finally I teach her how to style outfits & pair items in her wardrobe so she is ready to dress well every day.

Most of my clients are young mums – women who deserve to pamper themselves a little. The way a few personal styling sessions can change their life is amazing. I get the privilege of giving these women the keys to looking and feeling good all the time and it makes them much more confident and happy.  I love being a part of that.

For anyone interested in becoming a stylist I would strongly recommend this course!

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