Jodie H

Jodie H

I currently work as a personal stylist for my own brand offering personal shopping, styled photo shoots and magazine editorials.

The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course, is  in one word  amazing! I found the tutorials easy to navigate and understand. The course covers all the professional in’s and out’s as well as offering great tips and guidelines that will take you to any path you choose within the industry.

The assignments themselves were fantastic. The tasks got me to think outside my normal mindset and really challenged me to use 100% of my creativity, while showcasing the new skills I was obtaining.

Another great part of the course was the self-exercises. We were encouraged to attend outings at art galleries or local instalments and sculptures, which really demonstrated the broad spectrum of styling and how visuals can evoke an emotion or memory.

My absolute favourite part of the course was the tutorial based on the history of styling and learning how styles evolved  how they have filtered into today’s fashion and have now found a firm place in current designer runway shows.

My tutor was amazing and the feedback given was always detailed and informative on what to improve or work on. She also provided positives on what I had mastered and the skill sets she noticed I’d brought to the course.

During the course I learned a lot about myself, obtained much needed confidence and learned that I was really suited to this career. Like most, I got into this course because so many people had told me that I would be fantastic at it, but it wasn’t until I graduated that I really thought I could make my passion a lucrative career.

I have gained hands-on skills that have become a great asset to my work to date. This has included styling clients for ‘before and after’ sessions, setting up shoots by styling the client’s hair and makeup and then also being the photographer and director on the shoots. All the tips obtained come in handy, especially when giving a client the full benefit of a styling session to make sure they leave looking fabulous and feeling great.

On completing this course, I registered an ABN and business name, Allura Styling. I currently work as a personal stylist for my own brand offering personal shopping, styled photo shoots and magazine editorials.

I have also been lucky enough to work on some amazing shows, one being the Wearable Art Runway Show. It was a wonderful experience to work behind the scenes on this worldwide showcase and has spurred on my main goal which is to work behind the scenes of the world’s major designers on fashion weeks and runways.

I keep my blog and media sites constantly up to date, using these as a major platform to showcase my work and all the latest looks that have inspired me. I have been asked to style two online magazines as a result of my Instagram feed and I’m set to collaborate with the publications later on this year.

I highly recommended anyone with a passion in the fashion styling industry to complete this course with the Australian College of Professional Styling. No matter what path you want to take in this industry, the course tutorials, assignments, amazing staff, and skill sets you will gain will get you there! It helped me reach for the stars and grow my personal styling business.

Highly recommended.


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