Meagan H

Meagan H

I have just completed a very successful state tour presenting to women from a well-known health club chain and picked up many new clients and leads as a result.

When I decided to follow my passion and begin life as a Personal Stylist, I immediately set out developing a business plan which included researching some formal training options.

I came across the Australian College of Professional Styling through a simple Google search and sent off for my free prospectus instantly. Once I had read through the course content I signed up immediately! I was very impressed with the variety of topics that were covered as well as the flexibility of home study.

Each tutorial was extremely comprehensive and written from the perspective of a real person with real experience which not only made the course very enjoyable, but incredibly informative. Much attention was paid to the reality of working as a stylist with lots of relatable stories and understanding. I felt each tutorial flowed into the next really well and I was very grateful for the activities and suggestions for further self study that were included. One requirement for the Course was that you have ambition, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. I couldn’t agree more, as I felt the more I put into the course the more I got out of it!

The assignments included in the course were fantastic at pushing me to practically demonstrate what I had learned from each tutorial. In order to successfully complete each assignment I had to get out into the world and physically be a stylist, which meant that I made some great contacts and developed some great skills. Even before I completed The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course, I began to pick up work as a direct result of my increased confidence and knowledge of the styling industry. I was able to practically apply many aspects of the learning into my real life situations which was very comforting and helped immensely to ease the nerves!

I have just completed a very successful state tour presenting to women from a well known health club chain and picked up many new clients and leads as a result. I have also secured further opportunities with this business and have become their stylist of choice for future events.

I especially enjoyed the business aspects of the course including the sales and marketing advice. I have applied many of the suggestions offered and have generated clients as a result. One of the most profound pieces of advice offered was to boldly go and promote yourself! My background is in sales & training, so I teamed my past experience with my new chosen career and developed a group presentation aimed at helping the everyday woman find her own style and dress for her body shape, skin tone and personality. Since completing the course, my business has moved forward in leaps and bounds. I feel I am able to provide my customers with an informed point of view and focus on their needs in a comprehensive and knowledgeable way. Customer feedback has been amazing, and I have picked up a lot of new clients from referrals alone.

I would have no hesitation in recommending The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course to anyone interested in a career as a stylist.

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