Melessa C

Melessa C

The course truly changed my life. I have grown so much as a person and so have the opportunities that have arisen since completing my studies.

It was just another day, working in the family fuel injection business when I sat back and realised my life was stuck in a rut and I needed to get out of it. This revelation led me to discover the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course.

 As a young girl I would tear pages out of fashion magazines and create them into mood boards and dream of one day being a fashion designer or stylist. My love of fashion grew as I became older and even though my career didn’t lead into the fashion industry it was always in my mind that I would one day achieve my dream.

 When I found out what the Australian College of Professional Styling offered, my heart immediately skipped a beat and I knew this was the new beginning I needed. The more I read about the course and researched about the senior tutors, I was reassured that this was the ‘real deal’.

Having a vast array of professionals in the industry backing and supporting the course, by way of their contributions to the material, made my final decision to apply easy.

When I received my first tutorial and assignment, the niggling thoughts of failure and self doubt vanished with the excitement and wad of knowledge that lay before me. My thoughts quickly turned into energy, motivation and positivity that I could do this.

The course truly changed my life. I have grown so much as a person and so have the opportunities that have arisen since completing my studies.

One set of my portfolio shots (those that I submitted for my final assignment) are now being used by an upcoming designer, Melissa Rene Price, on her business site on Etsy and also her personal website.

I was also been lucky enough to have embarked on an internship with Sweee, a community fashion website directed at women where they can come and share their love of fashion through brands, deals and styles. My internship entailed creating layout concepts and marketing ideas. I loved every moment of this exciting opportunity and gained so much knowledge and experience. To date the website is undergoing an innovative overhaul and will be more enticing and user friendly to the fashion lover.

I have also started my own business, Allure & Grace Styling.  Over the next few months, I have test concept shoots on the horizon which I am hoping will lead into more exciting job opportunities.

Another exciting gig I have just scored is working with a monthly magazine, Style, published by APN in Toowoomba.  I have been asked to write a one page spread on fashion each month as their stylist.  I’m also going along to the cover shoot for the next few months’ issue which could lead to further job prospects.  Who knows where that may take my career!

Taking the first step in applying for this amazing course has been a life changing experience and now looking back on this, cannot believe it took me so long to enrol.

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