Sally C

Sally C

Upon recently graduating from the course, I am already working with paying clients while doing something I absolutely love.

My Dream

Having grown up dancing and performing on stage from a young age, I have always had a love of dressing up and expressing myself through colour and style. Becoming a stylist and helping women to look and feel their best was always a dream of mine, which intensified during my twenties.

After some research, I came across The Professional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist’s Course offered by the Australian College of Professional Styling. I was fairly confident that I wanted to be a personal stylist and work one-on-one with clients.  However, I didn’t want to limit my options for the future so I signed up for the course and never looked back.

My Course

It was honestly one of the best things I have ever done.  As a busy working mum of 2 young kids, I really needed a course that allowed me the flexibility and freedom to work at my own pace and in my own time.  The College staff were an absolute pleasure to deal with and were very supportive of the challenges I faced while trying to complete my studies with such a busy lifestyle.

The course gave me great exposure to all facets of becoming a stylist; costume styling, editorial styling, personal styling, commercial styling, TV wardrobe styling and so much more. It also offered great insight about working with other professionals and how to start out in the industry, right from the very beginning. I found the information in the tutorials honest and easy to follow. At no point was I guaranteed an easy ride to becoming a stylist. But, I was given the tools and encouragement, along with loads of information on how to gain valuable, hands-on experience when starting from scratch.

My Assignments

The assignments were challenging but so much fun. I loved creating a character profile and wardrobe to suit my chosen character from a film, critiquing examples of poor styling and improving on them, learning about colour analysis as well as performing a wardrobe make over which gave me the relevant experience to go on and do this as part of my own business today.

For the final assignment, I chose to submit my portfolio in the form of a website, which I tailored and built myself to reflect my style and new business. I had absolutely no prior knowledge of how to do this but at this late stage of the course, I had the confidence to go big or go home. With sheer determination and persistence, I managed to create an online portfolio I am really proud of and I graduated from the course with a fully-fledged website to present to my clients.

The tutorial on colour analysis was a real standout for me and because of this I have gone on to do further studies to develop my skills and knowledge in this area.  I am now performing colour consultations for women in Sydney and Wollongong. I never would have realised this passion for colour had I not signed up for the course in the first place.

My Reality

Upon recently graduating from the course, I am already working with paying clients while doing something I absolutely love; helping women to be their best and achieve their full potential through colour and style.

I recently styled a shoot for and also hosted a colour and style party for a group of young girls who are just beginning their journey to finding their own style & signature looks.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others who are passionate about working as a stylist and challenging themselves to achieve their best.


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