Candice VH

Candice VH

After completing the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course and writing my testimonial shortly after, I am now pleased to provide an update on my continued success.

In the years following my graduation, I have really found my niche in the styling world.  I have now relocated from Perth to Sydney to further my career in styling, armed with the knowledge that this course provided.  I packed all my of course notes, assignments and feedback to bring with me and refer to them regularly.

Over the last year, I have worked for major publications and international magazines styling editorials and covers.  I’ve also worked with local artists and bands, top class modelling agencies and recently, I’ve worked with global fashion websites such as

When describing to people how I managed to get my job, I always start by telling them that I wasn’t satisfied in my current job and wanted to learn more about styling.  This is where this the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course came in and where my story truly starts.  Ever since completing my course with the Australian College of Professional Styling, I have wholeheartedly followed my love of fashion and managed to do both personal and commercial styling, holding jobs as a personal stylist for Australia’s biggest department stores.

In addition to this, I have been able to work for some of the best photographers, models, makeup artists and hairstylists in the industry, many of whom are locally and nationally recognised and awarded.  My styling work has allowed me to travel and experience so many wonderful things that I would not have been able to experience otherwise.  I’ve also met some fantastic contacts along the way.  My portfolio has grown and updated over the years and my trusty fashion blog, which I start based upon a recommendation from the courses, is still up and running at

I have now been appointed the role of Creative Director for a major studio in Sydney as well as signing on to work with national modelling agencies.

The Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course was really the first step in a series of many that has now led me to where I am today.  I, once again, highly recommend this course for anyone who is curious, wanting to learn more or is considering a career in the fashion industry.  If you want to become a stylist or work in the fashion industry, I suggest you stop what you are doing and enrol right now.


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