Rachel TP

Rachel TP

Not only have I enjoyed the process but I have been able to apply my newly adopted knowledge immediately to my clients and introduce new strategies to my styling business.

I worked in women’s retail in between having children and studying. It reminded me how much I love fashion and working with people one-on-one. It also showed me that women experience an incredible journey with clothing and their bodies and sadly, it's not always a positive one.

Watching how women would guilt themselves, or have buyer remorse or focus on every little lump and bump on their body in the change room made me want to explore the psychological aspect of fashion styling to see how I could turn that often stressful or negative experience into a positive one. This is where I took my newly acquired studies in life coaching and counselling and married them with a styling course.

Not long after completion I started my personal styling business with an added focus on women who struggle with body image, fashion confidence and a dislike for shopping.

With my styling career now established and a clear understanding of the type of people I desire to work with, I knew it was time to further educate myself in the world of personal styling and fashion. I wanted to be able to offer my clients the best set of skills, knowledge and professionalism out there.

After a lot of Google searches, I decided to take the leap and enrolled with the Australian College of Professional Styling’s Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course.

The course appealed to me as it was something I could do in between life, kids, business and clients. It also gave me the opportunity to get creative and to see what was happening in the world of styling beyond what I already knew.

I’ve improved my existing skills while also becoming aware of the varying professions within the styling industry. The course has given me the extra boost of confidence to explore those options should I wish to do so and consider accepting an alternate styling job if the opportunity arises.

Not only have I enjoyed the process but I have been able to apply my newly adopted knowledge immediately to my clients and introduce new strategies to my styling business. This is a career that I adore and I am thankful for the life paths that have to lead me here. It is beyond exciting and opportunities are plentiful.

As a personal stylist, image consultant and professional wardrobe organiser, I have been able to meet incredible people. Each person is unique, yet all struggle similarly with fashion and body image. It is my absolute honour and pleasure to work with these clients to help them change their fashion journey one step at a time.

To anyone wanting to get into the industry, I believe investing in yourself not only improves you as a person but allows you to provide a valuable experience to your clients. Studying your desired field builds on your professional knowledge, lets you assess your business effectively, improves your credibility in the industry and most importantly, reminds you to develop priceless relationships with your clients. After all, they are your bread and butter!

While I have built a business niche, I am also aware that through doing this course, I can freely offer my styling advice to a range of clients in a host of other areas. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Thanks, ACPS and the team for the great experience.


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