Luiza M

Luiza M

I have now launched my official business site and I’m excited for what my future holds.

I found The Professional Photo, Film, TV and Personal Stylist’s Course challenging in the sense that it urged me to think outside what I thought I knew well. In many ways, the course assisted me in expanding my knowledge in various areas of personal styling. But it was also fun. The assignments were creative and I felt like I was an intern at Vogue creating mock-ups and mood boards.

Watching fashion TV and reading Runway, then learning what goes into photoshoots and the processes to consider behind the scenes, made it all the more interesting when completing assignments. I am so appreciative of the time taken by my tutor and the Australian College of Professional Styling team to plan each tutorial intricately. Each tutorial was detailed and informative. It was exciting to discover how fashion today is influenced by different eras as well as the story behind why certain garment styles and materials were chosen dependent on the time and functionality.

One of the most insightful tutorials was the one based on colour palette analysis. This was a weak area for me and prior to reading it through, I felt it was a daunting subject. I know my own colour palette well but knew little about other skin tones. The information was broken down in a way that made it easier to grasp, with step by step instructions on what to consider - hair colour, skin pigment, veins, eye colour etc. I also appreciated the homebased colour charts. This is a vital tool and I will use them throughout my career and will always refer back to the charts. This, coupled with the provided colour palette questionnaire, will assist me greatly, especially when trying to become better equipped with learning a client’s home base colour.

The practical side of the course was extremely beneficial. Not only was I given the information, but I was required to put it into practice in real-time to get a taste of the process - for say, a wardrobe revamp, for example. I gained more insight into how personal and intimate styling a client is and also how vital it is to take every aspect of their body shape, skin tone and lifestyle into consideration before even going to a store to start shopping. I also discovered the key pieces needed in an essential wardrobe and the importance of having pieces that are versatile and can be transformed into a few key looks.

I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to complete this course and I’m glad I leaped into unknown waters because I realised there was a lot I didn’t know. The knowledge and insight I acquired strengthened my understanding of personal styling and bolstered my confidence. I have now launched my official business site and I’m excited for what my future holds - personal styling is my passion and I will see it through! Thank you to the team at the Australian College of Professional Styling for your diligence, support and understanding. I won’t forget how much this course helped me!

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